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Frequently Asked Questions

Not everyone likes being on camera. But testimonial videos are definitely worth doing. They far outperform written reviews. The best time to ask a customer if they’re willing to go on camera for a testimonial video is right after they’ve complimented your work. Ask in person or with a persuasive email. Put their fears to rest. Show your appreciation for their business and explain how easy the process will be.

We normally require about 2 hours to setup and film an interview. Of that, we’ll only need the subject for about an hour for the video interview itself. Filming supporting footage (aka BROLL) for a Testimonial Video requires 2-3 hours. For Success Story Videos with multiple interviews and filming days, we generate and distribute a shooting schedule in advance.

We’ll need to discuss your goals for the testimonial video, learn about your business, and find out a little about the person we’ll be interviewing. After that it’s just a matter of working out the dates and times that work best for everyone, choosing locations, and scheduling our video production services.

There are a lot of distractions and attention spans are shorter than ever. In general, shorter videos work best. We recommend keeping interview only videos to under a minute, and Testimonial Videos between 90 and 120 seconds long. The ideal length for an effective Success Story video is under 5 minutes. That’s not to say that longer videos can’t be effective. But in most cases less is more.

We have 3 pricing tiers that match the 3 types of video testimonials we offer. This pricing factors in the length of the video, number of interviews, and how much supporting footage we need to film. Contact us with details on what you have in mind and we would be happy to provide you with a custom quote.

The first edited version of your video will be ready within 2 weeks of the completion of filming. Our testimonial video production services include 2 rounds of revisions. If changes are needed, we will finish them within 1 week of receiving your request.

We prepare interview questions in advance. They’re based on our conversations with you and understanding of your goals. We craft the questions to put your customer at ease and to elicit a great testimonial. We’ve found that the most effective approach is to do a “pre-interview”, either in person or on the phone, to give the interview subject an idea of what we’re going to ask. For the actual filmed interview we prefer a conversational approach that gets more natural responses. Canned answers prepared ahead of time often seem stiff and unnatural. We want your testimonial video to look and sound authentic.

A teleprompter is available as part of our video production services. We can provide one if you wish, but we recommend against using it for video testimonials. Viewers can tell the subject is reading, and the testimonial just won’t seem as genuine.

video production services

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Chances are your customers are the best sales rep you will ever have. Reach out to us if you’re interested in our video production services and would like to create a powerful testimonial video.