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Many businesses struggle to stand out today in an increasingly crowded market, even when they deliver a superior product or service.

In this sea of marketing noise, customers often don’t know where to turn or who to trust. Even worse, too many companies create boring, ineffective videos that waste their time and money, and do little more than add to the noise.

StoryForge offers 6 proven types of corporate video that offer true value, giving customers useful and informative content. Business owners will see more calls and emails, build a reputation as trusted experts, and watch sales improve.

When video contains valuable content instead of noise, customers engage and businesses grow.

Video Content That Delivers Value

Impact Stories

Video Testimonials

Origin Stories

Brand Videos

FAQ Videos

Tutorial Videos

Naval Museum of Alberta
Impact Story

The Naval Museum of Alberta was facing a crisis. Government budget cuts meant they were going to lose funding. The Naval Museum of Alberta Society asked us to help produce a video. The goal? Have visitors and passionate volunteers explain the museum’s important role in telling the story of the Navy to all Canadians. The result? The museum’s value was shown and funding secured!

Origin Story

The HVAC industry is extremely competitive, and differentiating between companies can be a challenge. As part of their 60th anniversary celebrations, ECCO wanted a video for employees that would explain their origins, values, and show how they had stayed on top for so long. They would also use the video to thank customers and suppliers. ECCO was so pleased with the result they asked us to cut a 3-minute version for their website and Facebook.

ECCO warehouse video

The Production Team

Robert Ramage of StoryForge Inc.

Bob Ramage

Bob has worked full-time in the Calgary video production industry since 2004. He is a founding member of the Calgary Professional Videographers Association. Bob brings a passion for modern video production and storytelling to StoryForge.
StoryForge DP Peter


Creative Director
Peter has experience in several roles in the camera/lighting department. He has worked on large and small-scale productions, ranging from corporate videos, to music videos, conferences, live events, and documentaries.
Andrea writer and producer


Andrea has experience as a camera operator, video producer, and writer. In addition to her video production experience, Andrea has numerous publication credits to her name.