Who we are

We create effective video that drives revenue

We’re a small team of creative professionals dedicated to helping our customers succeed. Our mission is to create effective video that inspires and informs, helping businesses better serve their customers.

The StoryForge core belief is that video should help you connect with your audience. To do this we begin with a process of discovery. To explore not only the what and the how, but the why of your brand. We gather everything we’ve learned from you and fashion an engaging video that is laser-focussed on achieving your goals. 

For us, having the opportunity to help businesses and other organizations thrive is a passion that makes us excited to come to work every day!

Our Production Team

Robert Ramage of StoryForge Inc.

Bob Ramage

Bob has worked full-time in the Calgary video production industry since 2004. Prior to that, he was a serving officer in the Royal Canadian Navy. Bob brings a passion for modern video production and storytelling to StoryForge.
StoryForge DP Peter


Creative Director
Peter has experience in several roles in the camera/lighting department. He has worked on large and small-scale productions, ranging from corporate videos, to music videos, conferences, live events, and documentaries.
Andrea writer and producer


Andrea has experience as a camera operator, video producer, and writer. In addition to her video production experience, Andrea has numerous publication credits to her name.