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A video production company telling exceptional stories that inspire action.

break through the marketing noise

Enhance Awareness

We're afloat in a sea of advertising noise. So how to stand out? The most effective way to raise awareness is with engaging stories.

Build an Audience

People connect with other people. Build an audience with authentic character-driven stories that show how you are making a difference.

Inspire Action

Introduce your vision and purpose to people who share your values and outlook. Genuine stories from real people inspire action.

Featured Project

The Naval Museum of Alberta was facing a crisis. Government budget cuts meant they were going to lose funding. The Naval Museum of Alberta Society asked us to produce a video showcasing this remarkable Calgary treasure. The goal? Explain to funding decision-makers the Naval Museum of Alberta’s important role in telling the story of the Canadian Navy to all Canadians. In particular to those who live far from the ocean. The result? Senior government officials were convinced and funding secured.

Specialized Video Production Services

Our main focus is always on inspiring action with exceptional stories and useful video content. We also offer a variety of specialized video production services. Let us know what your goal is and we’ll be happy to make recommendations and let you know if we can help.

Calgary video production at Robots and Pencils

Video Production Crew

The experienced StoryForge Video production crew will make you look and sound your best.

Event Video

Lectures, seminars, presentations, and corporate events captured on video for wider distribution.

Legal Video

Legal depositions filmed in accordance with the guidelines of the American Guild of Court Videographers.

Video Post Production

We use the latest technology to offer first rate video post production services.

Drone Videography

Use eye-catching aerial videography to showcase facilities, signage, and locations.

Broadcast & Web Commercials

Broadcast and web commercials to promote your brand. Full creative and production services offered.

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