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Customers want to deal with a business they can trust.

But there’s a problem. People trust traditional advertising and sales less than ever. They doubt everything. Most marketing simply gets ignored.

  • Do people ignore you?
  • Do you deal with skeptical customers?
  • Unsure how best to use video?
  • Want a way to easily boost sales?

StoryForge creates powerful video testimonials. When customers advocate for your business, trust grows and sales increase.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to spend money on marketing that doesn’t produce results. StoryForge testimonial videos allow genuine customers to advocate for your business, inspiring trust and providing the real return on your video investment that you’ve been missing.

We’ve been making professional video for 16 years. During that time we’ve learned how to help people use video testimonials to effectively build customer trust and increase revenue.

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Inspire trust and help your business grow.

Consumers often find it difficult to know whether or not they can trust a business to do what they promise. StoryForge creates powerful video testimonials that inspire confidence and drive sales.

Your business offers genuine value, but it can be a challenge to prove that to a skeptical world. You want to stand out from the competition and communicate that value clearly. Reviews on video from authentic customers provide the proof you need. We believe that when a customer advocates for your business, trust grows, customers engage, and your revenue grows.

We understand how hard it is to effectively communicate your value, which is why we create effective video testimonials that help increase trust in your brand. Here’s how we do it:

1. We work with you to choose the kind of testimonial video the will work best for your business

2. We film your video, crafting the right questions to elicit a powerful and effective customer testimonial

3. We show you the best way to distribute the customer review on your website and on social media to maximize its impact

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