Calgary Video Production Company

We believe in the power of STORY to inspire action and drive results.


We believe that video should be useful, inspiring, and most importantly that it should drive results. StoryForge is a Calgary-based video production company staffed by seasoned storytellers. 

Brand Films

Powerful human stories are the most effective form of communication. Guide viewers on a deeper, emotional level and inspire action.

Success Stories

Case Studies that show how people have used your product or service. Effective social proof that builds trust.

Interviews & Testimonials

Video testimonials persuade and help convert prospects into customers. Individuals directly describe their experience with your brand.


Carefully researched factual storytelling that is both entertaining and educational. A great way to bring important issues to light.

Live Presentations

Top quality video and audio recording of live presentations allows you to share your expertise online with a much wider audience.

Response Videos

Let customer questions drive your content strategy. We help you create high quality videos that answer frequently asked questions.

Success Story

The Naval Museum of Alberta was facing a crisis. Government budget cuts meant they were going to lose funding. The Naval Museum of Alberta Society asked us to help produce a video. The goal? Have visitors and passionate volunteers explain the museum’s important role in telling the story of the Navy to all Canadians.

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