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The process of making video can seem overwhelming.

Business owners today know they need video. But often, they don’t even know where to begin. They worry that making video will take time away from doing the work they love, and could potentially be quite expensive.

  • Do you find the whole idea of making video a little intimidating?
  • Are you hesitant about the idea of putting yourself on camera?
  • Do you worry that making videos will take too much of your time?
  • Do you feel you can’t afford to hire a video production company?

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We help you define your audience and develop creative ideas for your video.

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We help create and share your video content so you can attract your ideal clients 24/7.

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Option 1 – Video Consulting

We understand how overwhelming the process of making video for your business can be. Even knowing where to begin is a challenge. Video production takes a lot of time, and hiring a production company is often expensive. We believe that business owners shouldn’t get left behind. That effective video is available for everyone.

We’re living through a video revolution where producing amazing quality is easier than ever. The problem is knowing what to film and how. We founded StoryForge as the answer to that. We’ve been making professional video for over 20 years. StoryForge is a modern video consulting and production company that helps business owners produce effective video, either by themselves, or by using our video production services.

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Option 2 – Video Production

Differentiate your business with creative video production.

Mature business owners today know that video is a must-have to remain competitive. But the process of video production can be expensive in both time and money. The millennial generation tends to be comfortable making online video, but for more mature entrepreneurs the whole process can be daunting. StoryForge helps solve that problem by offering services that range from video consulting, helping simplify the process of making business video, to done-for-you video production where we handle it all.

Your business offers genuine value, but it can be a challenge to prove that to a skeptical world. You want to stand out from the competition and communicate that value clearly. Video production has become more and more important in marketing, and that will only grow. It may seem obvious, but in order for your video to succeed, customers have to actually watch it.

With so much great content available online, people will simply ignore boring corporate videos that try to play it safe. We believe that for a video production to truly succeed requires boldness. Your video must have a single clear message, a well-defined audience, and above all it must offer value.

We started StoryForge to help simplify the process of video production for business owners and mature entrepreneurs. To help them create videos that offer value and that people will actually want to watch. Here’s how we do it:

1. The idea comes first! We help you determine your goals, research your competition, and come up with a killer strategy for a video that will actually get watched,

2. We guide you through the process of pre-production must form at least 50% of the time and budget for every successful video. Once we’ve finished planning, we film your video,

3. We show you the best way to distribute your video to make sure it gets seen by the right people in the right places.

Click the button below to begin the process of creative video production with StoryForge. Get a marketing video that your customers will want to watch, helping you stand out, build confidence, and drive revenue!

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